Henry Joseph Crossley was born on the 1st Mar 1874 at Wentworth in Yorkshire, England. He was the son of Edward and Ellen Jane Crossley (nee Falding).

Henry was the the second child to be born into the family and at the time of Henry's birth he had an older sister, Adelina Falding Crossley who was born in 1873.

Following on from the birth of Henry, three sisters were born into the family, they were Alice who was born in 1879, Rhodda was born in 1883 and May were born in 1887.

On the night of the 1881 census, Henry was aged seven and living at Ashes Farm, Wentworth, Yorkshire. Ashes Farm consisted of 232 acres.  The household consisted of Edward and Ellen Jane Crossley (nee Falding), his parents, his older sister Adelina Falding Crossley and his younger sister Alice S G Crossley. His grandparents Ellen and Joseph Falding were also staying at the farm.

Henry and his siblings were all of school age or younger.

Edward Crossley was born in Swinton, Yorkshire and the rest of his family were born in Wentworth, Yorkshire.

Clara Cross and Annie Barnes were also living at the farm, both were servants, Clara was from Rotherham, Yorkshire and Annie was from Lambourn, Berkshire.

On the night of the 1891 census, Henry was a medical student and living at home along with his parents and sisters Alice, Rhoda and May. His sister Adelina was a scholar at a ladies college in Worcester.

Tamar Adams and Mary Brocklesby were also living at the farm, both were domestic servants. Tamar was from Adwick-le-Street and Mary was from High Melton.

On the 22nd Sep 1903, Henry married Maria Walton at Scunthorpe, Middlesborough. 

It is unclear as to how Henry and Maria met. 

Maria was a Nursing Sister who trained at the Royal London, Whitechapel. She was listed as a Nursing Sister with the Princess Christian's Army Nursing Service (reserve) during the Boer War and they may have met during the Boer War.

Maria was also listed on the 1901 England census as a Nursing Sister at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley.

At the time of the marriage, Henry's address was Sandgate, Kent and Maria's address was unknown. Although it is currently unknown where Henry was working at this time, Shorncliffe Military Barracks are close to Sandgate.

On 27th Jan 1904 Henry was posted to Madras, India, where, on 1st Mar 1906, he achieved the rank of Captain. While in India, His daughter Betty was born in 1908, and on the 29th Jan 1909, Henry was posted back home to Yorkshire 


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